Value Statement

McMillan Woods Global Awards

Value Statement

McMillan Woods Global is proud to announce the forthcoming McMillan Woods Global Awards and the award ceremony will be held at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The global award presentation, itself is a solid and sturdy platform for business networking opportunities among the successful entrepreneurs globally. These initiatives will also serve as a catalyst for the emergence of new business potentials and to spur the global industrial growth at large.

The main objectives of the global award presentation are principally as follows:

As a mark of recognition towards the achievement attained by the business
As a mark of honour and encouragement to the entrepreneurs and business;
Development of new business and upgrading of existing business; and
As a catalyst of growth for global economic driver.

Awards Nomination Team – You & your organisation!

During our selection process by the Awards Nomination Team, you & your organisation have been carefully assessed; and nomination is by invitation only and is confined to the selected few deserving brand promises, which have sustained economic values with respectable business conduct, good governance and esteemed social standing. We strongly believe that by being one of the award recipients, your brand – both individual and organisation will play a pivoted role in propelling your business to greater heights.

Unlike other awards, there are neither winners nor losers in our award ceremony – only the best people & organisations that McMillan Woods Global recognises each year. Please complete the Nomination Form promptly if you & your organisation have been nominated in order for the panel of adjudicators to complete their appraiser process within the stipulated timeframe.

The McMillan Woods Global Awards

McMillan Woods Global Awards are based on People’s Choice Award, which is designed to recognise successful deserving crème de la crème global leaders across all industry sectors and to honour their great contributions towards the global economic development hence we do not believe in raising any charges for the awards although we seek generous sponsorship and contributions for the Award Event with all surpluses donated to various designated charities – See McM Cares programme below.

Nomination fee – However, a small nomination fee of Malaysian Ringgit RM1,000 (Equivalent USD$300), which fee is non-refundable to cover administrative and related costs, unless your nomination is challenged for whatever the reasons during the subsequent appraiser process, in which case it will be refunded. The decision by the Awards Nomination Team is deemed final and conclusive.

Contributory fee – With many invaluable benefits accorded to the award especially the charity drive under McM Cares programme, there are event costs to meet not forgetting the many hours of voluntary late night and weekend workings by both the Awards Nomination & Adjudicator Teams hence we encourage all award recipients to assist in this noble cause. All surpluses from our events will be donated to charity, and all the names of the award recipients will be highlighted in this noble cause; hence you and your organisation can play an important role in these charity-driven initiatives.

McM Cares Programme

At McMillan Woods, we have developed a special “McM Cares Programme” where we are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and drive. Equally, we strongly believe in Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) drive, as each individual is a component of CSR and it is YOU who will make a difference to the under privileged society at large.

Each year, McM Cares programme via its award recipients and generous contributors, raised and contributed no less than RM100,000.00 to various charitable causes. The programme has supported the underprivileged society – the homeless and the orphanage homes; contribution to Mother Earth for the environmental protection; nurturing the young talents to achieve their dreams amongst many others. Your involvement and all financial assistance are always welcome! We will continue to pledge all surpluses from all our events to various designated charities.

At McMillan Woods, we provide a platform to promote and position your brand!

With this motto in mind, all award recipients will be provided with the following values and benefits:

  • The prestigious Global Recognition Award Trophy
  • Media exposure – Opportunity to be featured in public news media – TV broadcast and newspapers
  • Certificate of Global Recognition
  • Photography and video sessions with our photographers for publicity and broadcast
  • Exclusively featured in our tailored-made McMillan Woods Global Awards website
  • Featured in our video session of the Award Event
  • Featured banners and company buntings for the Award Event
  • Inclusion in the corporate tailor-made McM Coffee Table Edition
  • Use of McM Global Recognition Award Logo in your corporate advertisements
  • Award recipients’ special celebration package for Gala Dinner Table for 6-8 persons
  • Soft Launch Ceremony, highlighting present and past award recipients where applicable
  • Personalised bunting and benefits to include featured photo-frame for all award
  • Featured in McM souvenir programme, special write-up in Malaysia SME, media and news