McM Cares: Contribution Statement

McMillan Woods Global Awards


Year 2011

10/10/2011 Mount Kinabalu, Sabah RM100,000.00
Total   RM100,000.00

Year 2012

1/1/2012 Chermaine Poo – Cupcakes for Charity RM10,000.00
Total   RM10,000.00

Year 2013

19/1/2013 Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) RM20,000.00
2/2/2013 Shelter for monastery in Hat Yai RM25,000.00
1/5/2013 Kechara Soup Kitchen Society RM5,000.00
Total   RM50,000.00

Year 2014

1/1/2014 Hat Yai Monastery, Thailand – Additional shelter RM95,500.00
1/3/2014 Hat Yai Monastery, Thailand – Land RM125,000.00
1/8/2014 Olympic Council of Malaysia RM15,000.00
9/6/2014 Pusat Latihan Ngai Foong – Lion culture support RM4,700.00
1/4/2014 BLU Inc Media Charity Dinner RM8,000.00
17/4/2014 Melium Malaysia Tatler Charity Dinner RM2,000.00
8/5/2014 ASEAN Retail Federation Foundation Charity Dinner RM3,000.00
25/12/2014 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
Total   RM254,200.00

Year 2015

2/7/2015 Persatuan Alumi Sekolah Anglo Chinese Ipoh Charity Dinner  RM2,000.00
27/8/2015 Malaysia Retail Chain Association Charity Dinner RM27,300.00
28/9/2015 Kechara House – Charity contribution RM4,500.00
1/10/2015 Pitas & Kelingan, Sabah – Water projects RM110,000.00
25/12/2015 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
Total   RM144,800.00

Year 2016

25/3/2016 Persatuan Kabaddi Wilayah Persekutuan RM10,000.00
12/4/2016 The Charity Variety Cycle Australia – Charity for Homeless RM10,000.00
14/4/2016 The National Autism Society RM16,250.00
18/8/2016 Majlis Sukan Negeri Selangor – Chinese Painting charity RM5,000.00
1/12/2016 Leprosy Centre RM10,000.00
1/12/2016 Serian & Betong, Sarawak – Water projects – Committed RM100,000.00
31/12/2016 Cancer Awareness for Women RM10,000.00
31/12/2016 War Welfare Aid Relief RM10,000.00
31/12/2016 Sport Aid Charity RM5,000.00
31/12/2016 Orang Asli Aid Relief RM10,000.00
Total   RM186,250.00

Year 2017

10/2/2017 Pintar Foundation – Orphanage RM300.00
19/4/2017 SGPMX for Charity Ride in Australia for Homeless RM10,000.00
5/5/2017 Pusat Latihan Ngai Foong – Lion culture support RM12,000.00
12/5/2017 Amber Chia Creation – Young Talent Search RM3,000.00
22/5/2017 Bukit Aman Police – Charity drive RM17,520.00
29/5/2017 MRCA Charity Drive for homeless RM2,000.00
1/8/2017 EMC Global – Charity Run Marathon for orphanage RM4,500.00
7/9/2017 Pertubuhan Komuniti Kasih Selangor – MAD Charity RM10,000.00
27/9/2017 MRCA Golf Charity drive for education RM3,000.00
25/10/2017 IdeQ – Kids 4 Life RM1,000.00
7/11/2017 MAKNA Cancer Charity “You will never walk alone” RM1,000.00
22/11/2017 Penang Floods – Charity for Old Folks Homes RM30,000.00
26/11/2017 MRCA & McM Charity Run RM100,000.00
25/12/2017 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
31/12/2017 The Charity Variety Cycle in Australia RM5,000.00
Total   RM200,320.00

Year 2018

31/5/2018 Jaqlyne – Charity Chocolate Support RM1,500.00
27/6/2018 Kechara House – Charity Drive for education RM1,080.00
8/10/2018 Black & White Business Development Charity Drive RM1,200.00
17/10/2018 MRCA Charity Run for the Homeless RM7,150.00
19/11/2018 Kechara House – Charity Drive for homeless RM5,000.00
25/12/2018 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
31/12/2018 Gasing Hill Plogging RM1,000.00
Total   RM17,930.00

Year 2019

29/1/2019 The Charity Variety Cycle Australia – Charity for Homeless RM5,000.00
18/2/2019 MRCA Charity Banquet for education fund RM3,800.00
22/4/2019 10 Media Foundations RM100,000.00
17/5/2019 International Magicians Society (IMS) USA RM20,000.00
11/6/2019 MRCA Charity for education fund RM5,000.00
4/7/2019 Musicians Linkage PLY – For young musical talents RM3,000.00
9/7/2019 MICPA – Charity Dinner Education support RM3,600.00
29/7/2019 Lembaga Kebajikan-Perempuan Islam Malaysia RM10,000.00
1/8/2019 Persatuan Hoki AIS Selangor – For your talents (Contest) RM10,000.00
19/8/2019 Persatuan Penganut Buddha Kechara Malaysia RM10,000.00
21/8/2019 Pusat Latihan Ngai Foong – Lion culture support RM5,000.00
24/10/2019 Persatuan Hoki AIS Selangor – Duro apparels RM4,920.00
9/11/2019 National Council for the Blind, Malaysia RM100,000.00
9/11/2019 Old Folks Homes RM0.00
12/11/2019 Musicians Linkage PLY – For young musical talents RM10,000.00
19/11/2019 MRCA Charity Golf for orphanage RM7,000.00
29/11/2019 Appreciation Nite – Blind Association RM15,000.00
12/12/2019 Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia RM5,000.00
23/12/2019 Yayasan Asiaworks Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan RM1,000.00
25/12/2019 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
Total   RM319,320.00

Year 2020

10/4/2020 Persatuan Kebajikan OKU Hati Berganda Selangor RM6,000.00
15/4/2020 Charity via O’Brien sandwich for the poor during MCO RM100.00
16/4/2020 Miss Universal Malaysia – To promote CSR awareness RM5,000.00
10/9/2020 Sabah – Aid for the poor RM5,000.00
27/11/2020 ARFF – Collection for hungry children RM900.00
28/11/2020 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
11/12/2020 Lion Club Penang – Blind People Charity fund RM2,000.00
Total   RM20,000.00

Year 2021

31/1/2021 Shelter Homeless Charity in Sabah RM55,000.00
25/8/2021 Sg. Buloh Hospital – Bronchoscope RM137,370.00
27/8/2021 Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia RM20,000.00
10/10/2021 HSM (RM50K) SESO (RM50K) Sabah Storm (RM22.5K) RM122,500.00
27/11/2021 Rotary Club of Greater KL – Shelter Homes RM5,000.00
22/12/2021 Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia RM2,000.00
23/12/2021 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for orphanage RM1,000.00
Total   RM342,870.00

Year 2022

4/1/2022 Musicians Linkage PLT – For young musical talents RM1,000.00
01/11/2022 CHT – The Spastic Children’s Association RM4,000.00
24/11/2022 Sentul OBA Charity – Old Folk Homes RM15,000.00
08/12/2022 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for Orphanage RM1,000.00
08/12/2022 Contribution of food via Tara Vege for the Homeless RM3,200.00
30/12/2022 Yayasan Sin Chew – Foundation in need of financial aid RM10,000.00
31/12/2022 Gintell Chair – Contribution from Dato’ Dr Lai to Charity RM15,000.00
31/12/2022 National Cancer Society, Malaysia RM200,000.00
31/12/2022 Shangri-la Christmas Aid for Orphanage RM1,000.00
Total   RM250,200.00

Year 2023

21/08/2023 Business Networking Club – Supporting the young talents RM10,000.00
10/10/2023 National Stroke Association, Malaysia (NASAM): Target sum RM300,000.00
04/11/2023 MAREF Charity Golf Tournament RM12,500.00
18/11/2023 National Cancer Society Malaysia Pink Unity 15th Anniversary Charity Dinner RM50,000.00
Total   RM372,500.00

Grand Total: RM 2,268,390.00

“Giving is not just about making a donation but it’s about making a difference to other deserving souls!