Year 2014-2016

2018-2014 McM Cares Charity Contribution

 2018-2014 McM Cares Charity Contribution-2

2018-2014 McM Cares Charity Contribution-3

Year 2013

McM Cares- Tree Planting 2013

On 19 January 2013, McMillan Woods planted 201 trees at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia.

A cheque amounting to RM20,000 was donated by McM to play its part to save Mother's Earth.



McM Cares- Monastery in Hat Yai Thailand

McM donated RM25,000 to a monastery in Hat Yai, Thailand to help erect a shelter lodge for visitors & worshippers

McM further donated another RM60,000 to the same monastery to restore the monastery

for the benefits of the visitors, worshippers and the kind hearted monks.



McM Cares- Kechara Soup Kitchen Society

On 1 May 2013, McMillan Woods donated RM5,000 to Kechara Soup Kitchen Society,

a society that provides foods to the homeless and hungry people in the streets.

similar donation was also given in the earlier year.




Past Years

McM Cares- Mt. Kinabalu Sabah 2


McM Cares- Mt. Kinabalu Sabah 1

On 10 October 2011, over 50 members from McMillan Woods Global worldwide

scaled Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and raised RM100,000 for charity.



McM Cares - Donate Surplus Contributions

McMillan Woods pledged to donate all surplus contributions from the McMillan Global Award events

from award recipients and generous sponsors to various charitable organisations.



McM Cares- Chermaine Poo Cupcakes for Charity

McMillan Woods donated RM10,000 for the purchase of the world’s smallest cupcake

organised by the “Chermaine Poo Cupcakes for Charity” drive.





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