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McMillan Woods Global – A leading Global Network of professional advisory firms, headquartered in London, United Kingdom


The formation of the McMillan Woods Global Awards is to accord recognition to the achievement of global leading business visionaries who are the crème de la crème global leaders across all industry sectors and to honour their significant fundamental contributions in their respective fields towards the global economic development.  The McMillan Woods Global awards are primarily based on the "People's Choice" awards.

The global awards presentation provides a solid platform for business networking opportunities among the successful visionary entrepreneurs for global collaboration. These initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the emergence of new business potentials and to spur the global industrial growth.

● Successful       ● Determined       ● Assured       ● Responsible

These are the fraction of the admirable qualities that a McMillan Woods Global Award Recipient embodies. A Recipient becomes a part of a very special collective group of individuals who are forever bound by the ideals of responsible, sustainable and successful enterprise.

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